CBT Sessions

CBT therapy sessions take place in Bristol. We offer face to face appointments during most days of the week as well as on some evenings and weekends. Flexible appointments via Skype can also be offered. Home and school / College visits can be negotiated when required.

In terms of frequency, for the first 4-6 weeks, the Clinic advises weekly appointments as this tends to bring the greatest benefits and helps with momentum when first starting CBT. In agreement with the young person / parents, sessions may then be spread out to fortnightly or less frequently depending on progress and the individual needs of the young person. For some particular difficulties such as specific phobias and OCD, sometimes a more intensive programme of daily sessions offered over 2-3 consecutive days can result in the most significant changes in symptoms.

The time, frequency, and length of the session will always be agreed collaboratively between the young person / parents and therapist depending on clinical need, availability, and personal preferences.

There may be occasions when either joint and/or separate appointments for parents with a focus on understanding and supporting their child’s therapy, may be indicated. We can discuss and agree on an individual basis, what may be most helpful.