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We have many wonderful reviews from young people and parents that we have helped.

We also have many reviews from professionals we have worked with including teachers, College and University professionals, Social Care workers and other therapists.

If you would like to talk to a professional we are currently working with or have worked with in the past, please contact us. We can put you in touch with professionals who have accessed Supervision, Training or Consultation with Bristol CBT Clinic.

Reviews from young people and parents

testimonial from 8 year old with anxiety and worries

8 year old with anxiety and worries, September 2021

"It’s been amazingly helpful to have these sessions. My friends and family have noticed such a change in me. I hadn’t imagined that CBT could be this helpful."

22 year old University Masters Student with anxiety and perfectionism, September 2021

"Thanks v much for fitting us in and for your help today. J said how much fun it was to walk Lily - amazing progress! "

Parent of a 10 year old with dog phobia, September 2021

"The sessions with you have been really good. My family think I’m transformed because I don’t do my habits anymore. I also don’t feel as worried about going out and being judged. I used to think people would look at me and think I was weird but after the experiments and the survey we did, I really don’t think people are as negative as I thought. Practising defending myself just in case people judge me, was really helpful too. It helped me feel more confident and believe that I can stand up for myself. Thanks Kate. The CBT has really helped me "

15 year old with anxiety, June 2021

"The sessions with Kate have been invaluable. I can now see where my low confidence comes from and have learned lots of strategies to stop my anxiety from holding me back. More than anything, Kate has gently and persistently encouraged me to see that that just because I think something, even if there are still occasions when I believe it, it doesn’t mean that it’s true. My thoughts are not me and they are not always accurate or helpful to me. I know there’s still lots of practising to do but I really believe that I’m now moving in the right direction and that it’s more than possible to accept and appreciate myself, just as I am.  "

23 year old law student, June 2021

"B ’s been doing brilliantly. He is generally happy, feeling pretty confident with managing his OCD, and seems to be making headway with mixing socially at school. I am so pleased with how much progress he’s made since his first session with you back in February. It’s a huge relief, and we’re immensely grateful for your help.. "

Mother of an 11 year old boy with OCD and social worries, May 2021

"I feel a lot more confident and happier within myself and am a lot less stressed than I’ve been in years. You were incredibly welcoming and supportive throughout and I always felt listened to and understood. "

22 year old University student with low self-esteem and perfectionism, April 2021

"It’s been one hell of an emotional roller-coaster at times but we couldn’t have got to this point without you Kate. You have always been there to contain and support us throughout. We can’t thank you enough for helping x and us to achieve what we have. "

Parents of a 10 year old with separation anxiety disorder, March 2021

"Thank you for all your help with the CBT. It really has been life changing. "

20 year old with body dysmorphic disorder, February 2021

Reviews from Supervisees

"I have worked as a CBT Therapist with Kate Donoghue for 6 years and have received 1:1 and group supervision from her for the whole of that time. Kate takes a structured and planned approach to the supervision relationship, taking time to understand what the supervisee wants to explore or learn during each session, and to check out with them whether that has been achieved. I have always felt at ease with Kate. She elicits learning and discovery through using the Socratic method. She has a great clarity and economy of expression that brings the work to life and enhances understanding. Kate identifies suitable models and approaches, and signposts relevant resources. In our supervision we have used active methods such as drawing formulations, reviewing video, and role-playing aspects of clinical sessions. Kate is a highly experienced and respected clinician and I would highly recommend her."

Bobby Orchard - CBT Therapist, CAMHS

"As a Psychiatry trainee, Kate supervised me doing a short CBT case as part of my CAMHS placement. I did not have any previous experience, but with Kate's support and wisdom I was able to deliver CBT with confidence. I am so thankful that I had this opportunity to learn about CBT by actually delivering it, rather than just observing. I do not think I would have been able to do this without such an experienced, enthusiastic supervisor encouraging me. Kate always values your opinions and makes you feel an important part of the team. She is able to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from a long career in child and adolescent mental health to her CBT supervision which I have found invaluable."

Sally Stuart - Core Trainee in Psychiatry

"Dear Kate. I just wanted to say thankyou so much for all of your help and support throughout my CBT training this year. You’ve been such a great Supervisor and your knowledge, skills and expertise have without a doubt, helped me to grow and develop as a CBT therapist. I now feel ready to take off my L plates!"

CBT trainee, University of Reading Diploma (Children and Young People IAPT CBT Diploma)

Reviews from Training Courses and Workshops

CBT Skills Workshop : Working with young people with anxiety and low mood
(Training provided to professionals working within a Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service, November 2019)

"A fantastic day’s workshop. I really enjoyed the group experiences, case examples and video clips which informed the teaching. Thankyou. The whole day was excellent."

"A good overview of CBT-informed work. I already use CBT a lot but Kate still made the training incredibly useful. I’m full of ideas and have learned about new tools which I can now go back and put in to practise."

"I benefitted so much from this workshop and would highly recommend it to others’ using CBT skills in their work"

Workshop: An Overview of mental health problems in children and young people
(Training provided to teachers, learning support assistants, School Nurses, Social Workers and Social Care staff, Foster Care Agency Staff, Youth Workers and Statutory agency professionals October 2019, January 2020)

"As a Deputy Head of a large secondary school, I’ve seen a huge increase over the last 10 years in the number of pupils struggling with mental health difficulties. It’s so difficult to know how and when to offer support and when to refer on to a specialist agency like CAMHS. This workshop has proved invaluable in improving my understanding of this area and I will certainly be recommending that other teachers in our school also attend this workshop. All in all an excellent day of training."

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